CGI - VFX Generalist , 3D Software Developer
Are you bringing a new challenge for me ! No matter how complicated it is, I'm here to take over that.

About me

Self-taught VFX Artist and CG Generalist for over 11 years. Been working in the CGI-VFX,Game,TV Ads industry for almost a decade. CEO and owner of
I’ve started my career with 3D rendering in 2009 and have been learning more and more over the last 10 years,experienced in most of the 3d animation production workflows and well known 3d software packages.I’m living in Vancouver and available for full-time and remote jobs.



  • Strong understanding of modeling procedures. Ability to create production quality hard surface models. Modeling techniques are efficient focusing on all quad topology, clean UVW layout, and edge flow that is rigging-friendly. Experienced with both high-poly and real-time asset creation and workflows.

Lighting – Shading:

  • Experience with Vray, Mentalray, Mantra, Octane. Solid understanding of both cinematic and real time lighting workflows. In-depth knowledge of light and its interaction with materials, including PBR workflows. Experience building complex shader networks and rendering optimization. Output of render passes to aid in compositing.

Rigging – Simulations:

  • Strong soft body rigging skills, cloth simulation, and hair and fur grooming. Rigid body simulation experience. Experienced with most of the simulation solvers.


  • Expert in dynamic based animations and visual effect tool sets to create real life physically based animations and environmental simulations.


  • In depth knowledge of compositing, multi-channel and deep compositing tool-sets, ability to work with latest compositing software packages , AE,Nuke,Fusion

Scripting – Programming:

  • Knowledge of Python scripting is all 3d softwares and 2d compositing applications. ability to develop and write plugins and new tools.managing pipelines,software integration and developing automation scripts.

Software and Technical Skills

3D Software Packages :

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max – Advanced
  • Autodesk Maya – Intermediate
  • Maxon Cinema 4D – Intermediate
  • SideFX Houdini – Intermediate
  • The Foundry Modo – Basic
  • E-on VUE – Intermediate
  • Luxion Keyshot – Advanced

Programing-Scripting :

  • C++ – Basic
  • Python – Advanced
  • JavaScript – Intermediate

Sculpting :

  • Autodesk Mudbox – Expert

Render Management System:

  • Thinkbox Deadline – Advanced


  • The Foundry Nuke – Advanced
  • Adobe After Effects – Advanced
  • Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
  • Blackmagic Fusion – Intermediate